Creating Action – Part Three


image courtesy of Tara Gentile

Today we’re picking back up with the Creating Action series. For the last week, I’ve been blogging through my experience with Tara Gentile’s 8-part course, Creating Action. If you missed some or all of the earlier posts, catch up here:

Creating Action – Intro

Creating Action – Part One

Creating Action – Part Two


Today, we’re on to:

Assignment 3: What can you accomplish today?

“You have big ideas, probably lots of them, but you are overwhelmed or fearful or just distracted and you never act on your ideas. So you get frustrated.”

Once again, Tara seems to be reading my mind. This is an extremely accurate description of the mental roadblocks that so frequently hold me back. In fact, that feeling of being overwhelmed, afraid, and distracted all at once is what led me to seek out this course in the first place. So… what can I do to fix it?

Tara suggests – surprise! – taking action. Get one thing accomplished. Now. Doesn’t matter what, doesn’t matter how large or small, doesn’t even matter if you know where you’re going once you’re done with it. Just get it done.

The point, here, is that action creates momentum – a point also mentioned in the book ReWork from the founders of 37signals. The feeling of accomplishment and success is a highly addictive one, and the best way to motivate yourself to keep working past all roadblocks is to give your mind a little taste of it. Believe me – you’ll want more.

“Today, forget about the big goal. Forget about the rewards of accomplishing the whole task. Forget about your fear or your confusion or your distraction. Focus on one task. Act on it. Accomplish it.”

Today, I chose to push through last week’s struggles and try again with torchworked glass. It felt great to get something done! I got one step closer toward success with the basic technique I’m trying to learn, and it gave me momentum to hit the rest of the day running.

What task will you pick? Leave me a comment and let me know how it goes!



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2 Responses to Creating Action – Part Three

  1. kharmon says:

    I put up an alternative blog post, even though the one I’ve been working on is not quite finished. This has also inspired me to tackle some picking-up/cleaning today … after nap time of course. 🙂

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