Sometimes I Do Dumb Things


image copyright meghan garner

I was all set to start a new adventure today! A good friend of mine taught me the basics of torchworked glass a few weeks ago, and I’ve been dying to dive in ever since. I ordered an assortment of basic tools, carefully chose my glass colors, and waited impatiently for everything to arrive.

Finally, today, all the pieces of the puzzle came together – my supplies were ready, my studio was clean, I had a whole afternoon of gorgeous free time set aside to spend in the studio. I sat down at my work table with a mixture of nervousness and excitement, wondering how I would ever go about choosing which colors to play with first.

I grabbed my first mandrel, prepared to coat it with bead release, and…

image copyright meghan garner

…discovered that the bead release has to dry overnight before I can use it! Argh! I’m such a dork! Why didn’t I check that last night? Alas, no playing with fire for me today. All I could do was snap a few pretty pictures and try to come up with something else to work on with my studio time this afternoon.

Perhaps this is the universe’s way of gently reminding me that the base metal clay formulas I promised to actually work on this week are still sitting there waiting…

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