Where Am I?

photo copyright meghan garner

First, allow me to apologize for my lengthy absence. Some of you may have noticed that I’ve gradually withdrawn from blogging  and posting items for sale, and may be wondering why. Let me explain. No… there is too much. Let me sum up:

In part, this was due to my taking on a new responsibility in curating Handmade Gazette – it’s taken a lot of time to get sorted out, and I still have a few things I need to get settled, but I’m beginning to get it down to a routine that doesn’t dominate so much of my time.


Secondly, my time was taken up by a series of (beloved!) house guests followed by extensive holiday travel. That’s enough to knock anyone on their ass.

However, those factors aside, the real reason for my absence has been a deeper struggle with purpose and organization.

I create in metal clay. I work with traditional silversmithing bench techniques. I wire wrap and hand stamp and etch. I’ve recently picked up torchwork and beadmaking, and my mind continues to wander against my will into the field of kiln fused glass. I also knit and dabble in photography, and somewhere in the back of my mind are a poet and a watercolor artist that are constantly picking at the lock of the door I’ve shoved them behind.

Running parallel (and often in competition with) these creative impulses are my managerial responsibilities – tracking orders, marketing, listing items, you know, trying to make money? And in the background I’m constantly thinking about how I really need to be doing the laundry or vacuuming or hitting the grocery store. Plus, it’s good for my sanity (what’s left of it) to get out and see friends now and then.

To put it simply, my mind is busy. Too busy. Overwhelmed, in fact, and there it is in a nutshell: I can’t keep up.

So I quit trying.

I’ve withdrawn completely from blogging and selling and marketing and am trying to get myself in some sort of order. I’m a chaotic person by nature, but by some cruel trick of the universe I actually need order and organization to function well. So I’m making a real effort to create some.

My husband and I are moving somewhere (who knows!) in just over 4 months, so there is very little point in continuing to try and build business relationships here in Mishawaka. Online is not now and probably never will be a hugely profitable venue for me. The best option right now, oddly enough, is to quit trying to make money now so that I can be ready to make money in our new home. I need to be organized and prepared in order to hit the ground running, so that’s what I’m trying to do.

That isn’t to say I’m going to be silent for 4 months. In fact, I suspect I’ll be blogging more regularly as my time and brain-space are freed up to be more creative. I’m just removing the pressure.

So, here’s to an organized and creative new year! And thanks for your patience!

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5 Responses to Where Am I?

  1. susan j! says:

    i’d totally do your administrative duties for sophistique if you lived in jax. but… don’t move to jax. i love you too much to see you stuck here (:

    • kharmon says:

      Move to NB! We’d love to have you here — you’d love it too, there’s a wine bar down the street with an awesome porch and a fenced in table-on-barrel sitting area. Oh, and there’s a beergarden practically next door to it. See, we’d have lots of fun. 😀

    • lol, thanks. Hopefully we’ll move somewhere cool and you can visit to get a break from jax. 😉

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