Bronze clay items are on the way!


pile o bronze

Pile o' Bronze - photo copyright meghan garner

It’s true! I’ve got a pile of ’em ready to be cleaned and polished for your viewing pleasure. I’ve been having a devil of a time getting the firing schedule right for these babies! Without boring you with too much detail, bronze has to be fired buried in carbon to prevent oxidation, and I’ve been using a box that I basically jumbled together from fiber kiln shelves and nichrome wire to hold said junk (a la Hadar Jacobson). It works great and keeps my kiln clean (yay!), but it actually works TOO well – it holds heat so much better than the traditional stainless steel containers that I’ve had to adjust the firing temps by over a hundred degrees, and it’s still far from perfect. I lose at least a few pieces in every batch, but I’m getting better, and at least some survive to make to you! I’ve also got some small amounts of copper, white bronze, and steel clays to have a go at next. Adventures await!

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