Assorted Minor Bits of News


messy studio

embarassing mess! photo copyright meghan garner

I’ve not posted much recently, largely because I’ve been working like a madwoman trying to prep for the holiday season, besides experimenting with firing schedules for bronze clay and trying to plan a few classes and an open house. My studio looks like several tornadoes hit it (as evidenced by the photo to the left), and I don’t anticipate it getting clean anytime soon. I do, however, hope to be back to regular blogging sometime in the foreseeable future. I just have to make it through Black Friday first! Such chaos…



Meantime, look for new items to be posted in both shops in the next few days – I’ve been creating and photographing like mad so that I can spend downtime over the holiday weekend getting items posted. The rest of my family gathering together for thanksgiving are all in graduate school (no really, all of them), so I anticipate plenty of listing time while they all do their homework. Hah, suckers!


Wonderland Necklace - photo copyright meghan garner

Oh yeah, and don’t forget about the big party! Sophistique’s holiday open house is happening on Sunday, December 5th, from 6:30pm – 10:00pm, and you don’t want to miss it. Trust me. There will be wine! And I’m hoping to bake a few goodies as well (mocha chip scones? mmmm), though I make no promises on that front. Regardless, everything will be on sale, so that’s neat! It’s pretty much the perfect place to get all your Christmas shopping done, if you ask me (though I guess I am ever-so-slightly biased). Check out my last blog entry for more details about the shindig.



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